Prospective Employers

Employee Benefits Overview


  • Information Request
    • Benefit Descriptions
    • Benefit Costs
    • ER Contribution components
    • Census with salaries
    • CurrentBillingsby insurer
    • Non-cash compensation plans
  • Questionnaire Completions
    • Employee
    • Employer
  • Analysis & Results
    • ER/EE Perceptions
    • Benefit value analysis
    • Program gaps and overlays
    • “Invisible” or “Hidden” Paycheck tool
    • Recommendations


How it Works

We coordinate all activity with your assigned management staff to obtain needed information about your current compensation and benefit programs.  We also ask you and your employees to complete simple “Benefits Surveys” that are anonymously completed and collected for our eyes only.

We then review and compare all current programs to your peer group employers and national averages for value (cost vs. benefit), coupled with employee perceptions, to determine if changes are needed vs. employee education.  We look for coverage gaps and overlays that can be corrected. We look for benefits that that may be counter-productive to your overall strategic initiatives as stated to us in writing.  We look for differing perceptions of specific and overall benefit programs as reported by management and employees.

Once we receive the requested data and feedback, our evaluation process takes about ten (10) business days to complete, and we will schedule a meeting to review results thereafter.

Our recommendations are guided by:

  • your stated corporate objectives
  • missing, under- or overvalued benefit findings
  • reported perceptions of ER & EE
  • opportunities for education and change


This process is intended to provide insight into your overall benefit programs and how your employees perceive them.  After review, we will act upon your direction for requested program implementation(s).