A Consultive Approach to Worksite Sales and Service

Financial services, and especially insurance products, are for the most part a common commodity available to all licensed professionals.  The difference is found in how they are employed to satisfy the needs of Employer Clients and employees.

Securitas professionals are not commodity brokers or product salesmen.  They have embraced the long-term approach of relationship investment to earn a partnership with their clients as trusted counselors.  The Securitas approach is to place the relationship before the sale and trust that if we act always in the best interests of our clients, we will be rewarded with enough business to grow a relationship wherein all parties gain mutual benefit.

  • Client employers gain the loyalty and willing support of employees who appreciate the opportunities afforded to them through their workplace.
  • Client policyholders gain financial support and comfort from the value of benefits made available to them through their employers.
  • Securitas gains profitability through the willingness and ability to provide a higher level of service than the competition.

The consultive approach to sales and service offers a professional level of benefits knowledge and experience to Clients who see the value of “leasing” this expertise rather than maintaining an extensive and expensive knowledge base in-house that adds no revenue from core business activity. Compare the traditional sales approach to the counseling approach:


Traditional Sales Cycle

  • Interview Client to find a product to quote
  • Shop the product for price
  • Sell the value of the change against the incumbent product
  • If successful,
    • enroll employees
    • Complete product fulfillment requirements
  • If not, thank client and move on to next opportunity
  • Make a note to call again next year or not based on perceived opportunity


Consultive Sales Cycle

  • Interview Client to understand employment practices re corporate goals
  • Review complete compensation program re stated corporate goals
  • Recommend changes & additions that promote stated corporate goals
    • Policies & Procedures
    • Management/Employee Benefits
    • Compensation (if requested)
  • If retained for product change or addition
    • Plan employee education and enrollment
    • Conduct management training sessions if allowed
    • Conduct employee enrollment, education and training
    • Report results to Client with monthly follow-up for service
  • If no product changes, affirm other recommendations, thank client and move on to next opportunity
  • Follow up regularly on non-product related recommendations


The Employer Client only benefits from the traditional sales approach if a better value is gained by competitive shopping. However, the Client always benefits from the consultive sales approach due to the comprehensive nature of its analysis and advice.