Securitas for Individuals

Securitas Financial Services offers a wide array of solutions to provide security through financial freedom.  We deliver customized solutions to your unique circumstances..  We are your partner to best assist you in protecting your financial future.



Life and Disability

  • Life Insurance – insurance to be paid to a beneficiary when the insured dies
  • Term Life Insurance – provides protection for a specific period of time (from 10-30 years)
  • Permanent Life Insurance – lifelong protection
  • Universal Life – flexible premiums, adjustable coverage
  • Whole Life – guaranteed death benefit, guaranteed cash value
  • Mortgage Life Insurance
  • Long Term and Short Term Care – Protect your assets should a long term or short term care need arise.
  • Disability Insurance – protection that helps maintain lifestyle and family’s future in cases of sickness or injury
  • Business Overhead Expense Insurance – reimburses the owner for covered overhead expenses up to a specified amount during a disability
  • Short-Term Medical Insurance – temporary insurance, provides peace of mind and health care access at an affordable price
  • Medicare Supplement Insurance – insurance to cover expenses not paid by Medicare


  • Traditional Fixed – tax-deferred annuity, safe principal with a guaranteed interest rate for a certain time period
  • Fixed Index – tax-deferred annuity that earns a minimum rate of interest and offers the potential for excess interest based on the performance of an index
  • Immediate – tax-deferred, income options include a guaranteed payment for life or a specified period of time

Retirement Planning

  • We focus on creating Income during your retirement.
  • When do you plan to retire?
  • What are your primary financial concerns?
  • We will provide you a customized Income for Life report.

Business Continuation

  • Buy-Sell Funding – life insurance is used to fund a written transfer-of-ownership agreement
  • Key Person Insurance – used to indemnify the business should one of the key people die or become disabled